10 June 1863

Tammany Hotel in New York City

Tammany Hotel
June 10th 1863

Dear Father,

I am once more a citizen & no longer a soldier. We were mustered out yesterday forenoon, our company being the first in the regiment, but we cannot get our pay until Monday morning. I suppose that you are very anxious for us to get home & we are equally as anxious for to get there. I saw Seymour last night. From him I learned some little news. I think that we shall get into Ithaca about 8 o’clock Tuesday morning. Still it is not a sure thing (but that is my opinion). All that we are waiting for is the paymaster. I am almost a mind to let someone draw my money & go home tonight. If it was not for going into Ithaca with the company, I would do so.

I went over to Greenwood Cemetery yesterday. It is a very pleasant place. Almost wish myself back in the Army rather than to stay in this city with nothing to do & no where to go. Seymour goes back Friday I think he told me. They will keep us here until we spend all our money & then send us home. I begin to think it is all a contrived plan between —- I don’t know who, but we should have got home long ago. Still they have served the other regiments in the same way. I hope that we shall not have to stay longer than Monday.

Yours respectfully, — Chas. E. Bradley

P. S. I have been talking with the Captain. He thinks of entering the service again. If so, I no doubt can get a good position & take the field again. Do not leak this to a living person. Be sure now.