4 June 1862


[Mansion House Hospital, Alexandria]
June 4th 1862

Dear Father,

The doctor has been around and taken the names of all those that are able to be moved & those that are able to be sent to their regiment but the doctor took my name. He said we should be sent to either Baltimore, New York, or Philadelphia, so do not send any more letters here. Those that you have sent will be sent to me wherever I go. They are very careful here about letters. They expect more men here & we have got to get out to make room for them.

I have got rid of my $10 bill. It went all right. If you come across any more of the same sort, send them for me & send them on when I get settled & when I come back south, I can use them. I want you to keep an account of all the money you send me as I expect to pay you all when I get my pay. Did you take out what was left of my allotment? If not, do so. And if there is any left, pay it to Mary. I suppose that you do not charge anything for the $10.00.

It rained most all night & is raining very fast now. Strawberries have been 2 per quart but are now from 14 to 10 cents. There are green peas in market.

The news is getting quite favorable again. I wish I was able to go to my regiment but I do not want to go until I am strong enough to stand it. If I had been allowed to have gone out & taken the fresh air & walked about, I should have been well. But no! two or three got drunk & we all had but one walk out to take the air & that some time ago.

Has H. & G. got home & how do they do? We may not leave here for several days. Have they got a new minister yet at our church? How long do you expect to be gone West if you go?

Afternoon. I have received your letter of the 22nd containing the stamps. It went to the regiment & was sent back. Also one of the 2nd. I have received all the money & stamps that you have sent up to this date. I also received one from Horace dated the 3rd & one from John McMaster dated 21st that too had been to the regiment.

You probably got my letter Monday stating that I received the $5 but not the stamps. I have got both now. Give my respects to all.

Yours respectfully, — Chas. E. Bradley