1 March 1862

Camp Newton
March 1, 1862

Dear Father,

I have just received your letter of the 25th & 26th inst.  We have not gone as we expected we should be a few days ago. I have been over to the 64th Regiment this forenoon & had that front tooth of mine pulled. I think that it was the best thing that I could do for it ached very hard & was so sore that I could hardly bite anything with it.

[In a different hand]

Charley was writing this letter to me when I arrived so I will finish it. I arrived at camp on the sacred soil of old Virginia at about 2 o’clock Saturday and found the boys all well and feeling fine. I slept with them in camp last night so you will see it is Sunday morning that I write. The boards are about as hard here as in Spencer—at least I did not find a soft spot. The transition from a feather bed to the floor was rather sudden to be agreeable to me. This morning the cook sent up some first rate steak for breakfast on the account of my being here.

The boys have marching orders at 9 o’clock. Got their duds packed for a start but think they will not go before Monday, They are pleased with the order of a forward move. To get a pass across the river is attended with great difficulty but I formed the acquaintance in coming down of a captain of the 27th [New York] and he assisted me or I should not been able to see the boys. I heard when I got in about one mile of camp that the boys had gone. I followed up on double quick with my mind made up that I should go on to Richmond if I did not overtake [them] before but on arrival, found them here.

My pass lasts me for 4 days so if they do not go at 9 this morning, perhaps I shall stay another night. And then if I should like the service well enough, I may enlist. Of this, I think there may be some doubt. I want my old company to come on. I got one B. Lott as far as Elmira and he backed down. I hope Esq. John and the rest of them will stick if I agree [     ]…Tell them to hurry up and come on to Richmond where we will rendezvous.

Respectfully, — L. B. [Lyman Bradley]