1 July 1862

Alexandria, Virginia, in 1862

[Alexandria, Va.]
July 1st 1862

Dear Father,

I have been down to Alexandria today. I saw George Sabin. He is in the hospital there. Also Amasa [D.] Westbrook of Van Ettonville [of the 26th New York Infantry]. George wished me to write to you & see how much is father had paid on that mortgage. He has sent home most all of is wages to be paid on it. He says if he lives, that shall be paid if he has to do it. He is not able to go to his regiment but is at work in the hospital. How much does that mortgage amount to? I knew in the time of it but have forgotten it now.

I think that I am tough enough to go to my regiment. I walked up from Alexandria in an hour & that too in the middle of the day. I spend the larger part of my time out of doors & am told that I am getting pretty well blacked.

I have had an impression taken today for a tooth. He asked me $4.00 & if I had only had 3 he would have charged $6.00 to be made out of silver. I intend to start for my regiment next Monday if I can.

There is to be one grand old fight there & it will do or undue one of the two. I think that Richmond must fall & that will close this thing & my old rifle shall have a chance if called upon. If I fall, I know in whom I put my trust & you need not over blush with shame to hear the name of your affectionate son, — Chas. E. Bradley

P. S. Shields’ Brigade has gone down the river & many others have gone & are going. I have bought me two gray shirts, cost $1.25 each. I have a good book to read—title is Social Life in Germany.